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Post  Cyril on Tue 26 Feb - 13:28

Hello and welcome to forum rules' topic !

To ensure a good atmosphere on the forum, it's advisable to follow the rules to avoid any sanctions.

Guest and Members

  • It isn't required to register, guests can join projects and suggestions sections
    However, to access in community sections, it's necessary to create an account
  • Any members can modify their name at will. However frequently alterations will cause any punishment, because it's so difficult to know who we're talking if members change their name often.

Messages and Topics

  • Before starting a new thread (especially aid application), must be checked if it doesn't exist already, by consulting search option
  • If you did an aid application's thread, try to be explicit in the thread's tittle. (Messages like "HEEELLLPPP !! will be deleted)
  • Insulting and offensives messages will be removed and posters will be punished
  • flood and double-posting won't be tolerated
  • Your spelling must be correct (No SMS language or typo)
  • Avoid writing in upper-case, using flashy colours or smiley abuse and text effects (bold , italic, big size...)
  • If you find a message which doesn't comply these rules, or spam,troll message, don't answer it ! Just send a personal message to Moderators or Administrators

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