Next Worms 4 Racing Alpha 0.3 test version coming soon !

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Next Worms 4 Racing Alpha 0.3 test version coming soon !

Post  Cyril on Sat 1 Oct - 4:10

Welcome to this informative topic about W4Racing ALPHA 0.3 development !

After a long time ago, I decided to publish the next W4Racing Alpha 0.3 version soon. Be patient a little again  Laughing
The Alpha 0.3 project is not complete yet but it will propose some new features and more fun than old BETA 1.0 (canceled due after optimizations problem but downloadable on this forum).  

  • Graphics Updates (HUD, Lights, works with big resolutions, Materials...) thank's to Unity 5.
  • 1 New track (in under construction yet).
  • New easy driving system (Soap Car System).
  • AI with OA Obstacle Avoidance System.
  • 2 Items :  Bazooka et Shotgun.
  • Possibility to have 4 items.
  • AI can defend (more mad & fun Very Happy)
  • HUD : Speed O Meter
  • Diplodocus Animations
  • Day or Night mode
  • Traps with 2nd camera
  • Pause Menu Update
  • Game Over screen
  • Water zone kills your car

NOCTURN-SYSTEM 2014-2016 Team

Worms 4 Racing version Beta 1.0 UDV B160813 available on Windows :!oZw0CIRC!R8zaCxrbst9ogNeT6V0hpgksl8RUU2pCGMDWa5VcYGg

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