Worms 4 Racing DevLog January 14th 2016

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Worms 4 Racing DevLog January 14th 2016 Empty Worms 4 Racing DevLog January 14th 2016

Post  Cyril on Thu 14 Jan - 10:39

Welcome to the first informative topic about W4Racing ALPHA 0.3 development !

Worms 4 Racing DevLog January 14th 2016 I6cimg10

Thanks to Unity Game Engine's Updates and 3DS max studies we will propose you a some improvements for next version (better graphics,performance,UI...) and a another game mode.

For this project's version we will try to set up a different game mode, it will be a survival race in Prehistoric Theme based on FastfoodDino map : player will have to go up quickly without fall on water otherwise he will lose the game. You will be able to get rid of your opponents by pushing them on the water or by shooting them with a weapons arsenal (homing missile, bazooka, land mine, shotgun, grenade...) and perhaps by opening some traps.

  • Instead to get one weapon (only to open one weapon crate) you will be able to get 3 or 4 item in your inventory and switch them to choose one.
  • Each players will begin with 200 health points approximately.
  • Camera HUD to show you what traps you opened (to know who is falling ^^).
  • HUD to know race drivers positions (ex : who is the first,second,third and fourth ?)


  • Driving System Engine : Soap Car System 1.2 (developed by our team : Nocturn-System)
  • New Pause Menu

In progress

  • Track Level Design
  • Items inventory

In Study / Test

  • AI improvements (currently have not OA (Obstacle avoidance) system).
  • Race positions
  • Grenade Weapon (Player)

At the moment, we don't know all version's content and when it will be available. We hope to upload it soon !

Worms 4 Racing version Beta 1.0 UDV B160813 available on Windows : https://mega.nz/#!oZw0CIRC!R8zaCxrbst9ogNeT6V0hpgksl8RUU2pCGMDWa5VcYGg

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