Worms 4 Racing News October 28th 2013

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Worms 4 Racing News October 28th 2013

Post  Cyril on Tue 29 Oct - 3:37

Hello W4Racing Beta's testers and welcome to this informative topic to know all current updates for Worms 4 Racing !

We're working on a new track named "Race In Desert" for the time being. Boost has been improved because using time was aleatory now you can use it during 5 seconds.
A deceleration system, when your car exit the main road has been installed. About AI (Artificial Intelligent Drivers) we wait a tutorial serie to setup a better AI hope it will be done soon.

That's all for today Very Happy

Worms 4 Racing version Beta 1.0 UDV B160813 available on Windows : https://mega.nz/#!oZw0CIRC!R8zaCxrbst9ogNeT6V0hpgksl8RUU2pCGMDWa5VcYGg

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Re: Worms 4 Racing News October 28th 2013

Post  Segatendo on Fri 6 Dec - 6:44

Awesome, sounds good! Very Happy

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