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Post  Cyril on Sun 11 Nov - 2:03

Worms 4 Racing is a racing game project with worms and Worms 4 Mayhem game content. It was launched by Cyril Leger in Worms 4 Tweaking forum : http://w4-tweaking.bb-fr.com/.

First, It was developed on a little 3D game engine then the developer abandoned because of collisions problems

On June 2012, Worms 4 Racing reappeared for a new essay on Unity3D which was positive cheers. Approximately one week later on June 8th the first test version appeared, then 4 days later (June 12th 2012), Alpha 0.1 version is published in older Xom Worms Games Forum. This version encountered screen resolution lags which were repaired in Alpha 0.2 version out on June 28th.

Worms 4 Racing version Beta 1.0 UDV B160813 available on Windows : https://mega.nz/#!oZw0CIRC!R8zaCxrbst9ogNeT6V0hpgksl8RUU2pCGMDWa5VcYGg

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